Are you a frequent patron of renting boats and sailing equipment? Does your fitness routine require you to go outside? Having a piece of exercise equipment indoors is essential, most especially during the rainy season. You won’t have to brave stormy weather anymore because the magnetic rowing machine provides the same benefits as outdoor rowing.

Enjoy the perks of indoor rowing and get into shape with a magnetic rowing machine. This rowing machine utilizes advanced technology to provide a smooth flowing and tension system with its newly improved mechanisms. It also eliminates unnecessary noise, which is better than any other home gym equipment.

How It Works

A magnetic rowing machine is one of the best varieties of rowing machines. With the complete and challenging workout, you can enjoy the top-of-the-line rowing experience like never before. It is perfect for any fitness level and suitable regardless of your age.

Indoor rowing makes use of several resistance levels that will indeed engage your whole body for an active and healthier lifestyle. This magnetic tension system can be adjustable depending on your desired difficulty level. You can take advantage of this feature and be in complete control as you work your way towards reaching your fitness goals.

Key Features

Digital Monitor

It has a display screen that helps you track your progress as you work towards your goals. The magnetic rowing machine has detectors on its handles that scan your body to show various fitness-related statuses such as the number of calories burned, recovery status, total rowing count, as well as elapsed time.

Multiple Resistance

A magnetic rowing machine has a variety of adjustable resistance to help you optimize your workout according to your desired level of intensity. This feature is essential so that your routine will remain challenging and significant.

Smooth Flow

The magnetic resistance is responsible for keeping a smooth-flowing performance like no other. This straightforward function enables every user to maintain ease on every glide and slide movement as you keep on rowing. It also allows you to swiftly switch between light and massive activities while increasing your fitness level.

Non-slip Foot Pedals

It has large-sized, non-slip, and textured pedals as well as safety straps to ensure that your feet will remain in place throughout your rowing routine. You can maximize your potential without having to worry about the occurrence of unnecessary slip-ups while performing your exercises.

Ergonomic Seat

The cushioned seat provides every user with a comfortable rowing experience. It offers the necessary support on your lower back which is helpful as you maintain your posture as you keep on rowing. This seat is your guide towards the successful execution of your routine.

Floor Stabilizers

A sturdy base of a magnetic rowing machine serves as a stabilizer to eliminate unnecessary wobbling. These stabilizers are adjustable, so you can correctly calibrate them to be on a similar level to your surface. You won’t have to worry about losing balance as you intensify your routine because the stabilizers provide structural support on your equipment.

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Transport Wheels

You can easily tilt and roll out the magnetic rowing machine anywhere you want by utilizing the mobile wheel attachment at the bottom of the unit. You can eliminate the need for heavy lifting and the possibility of muscle strain that comes along with it. The storage-friendly and convenient features of this machine are why it is an ideal home gym equipment.

Non-slip Handlebars

The handlebars are tightly-gripped and have padded foam grips to provide maximum comfort and support. The non-slip handles can help maintain your performance throughout your routine.

Foldable Design

If you want to maximize your space efficiently, the magnetic rowing machine is perfect for you! With its compact and portable feature, you can easily store it away when not in use or place it at any corner of your home.

Built-in Sleep Mode

You can save energy and avoid wasting time charging your equipment with its auto-sleep way. The energy-saving function is activated when it detects inactivity after a predefined time.

Magnetic rowing machines can cover almost all the necessities for an overall workout. What makes it all better is you can achieve these benefits in the comfort of your home. Indoor rowing opens up the possibility of convenience combined with the challenging experience of outdoor rowing. With it, rest assured that it can prepare you the next time you go for a boat rental and try the activity outside.

As it completely resembles the feel of an actual sports activity, you can boost your body’s capacity and achieve the same results instantly. It also comes in portable and compact sizes, a perfect factor in maximizing your space.

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