Extreme motorsports are dangerous, adrenaline-pumping activities not for the faint of heart. These motorsports are often performed on rough terrain and require specialized equipment and a love for the thrill and adventure. So, strap in and hold on tight while going through the countdown of the top six extreme motorsports worldwide.

Street Racing

Street racing is a subculture with its own set of rules and etiquette. Participants gather in secret locations to race their cars against each other. There is often a betting pool, and the winner takes home the prize money. Street racing is illegal in most jurisdictions, and participants risk getting arrested or injuring themselves or others.

While some are organized, most street races are impromptu events that happen spontaneously. Due to its performance and speed, drivers often use Subaru, a reputed car that drivers often use in street racing. However, since street racing is dangerous, keeping the car intact and in shape is very important. You can take your vehicle for comprehensive Subaru factory maintenance to get it prepared for the race. The factory maintenance will ensure that the car performs like a brand-new Subaru and helps you win the race.

Street Luge

Street luge is a gravity-powered sport in which riders lie on their backs on specially designed boards and race down paved roads or tracks at high speeds. Street luge is dangerous, and riders often suffer serious injuries in crashes. However, many extreme sports enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of pushing their limits and testing their skills.

Street luge might be the perfect extreme sport if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. This sport involves lying on a luge board and hurtling down a hill at high speeds, reaching up to 90mph. It’s incredibly dangerous, as there are no brakes, and riders have to navigate around obstacles.

Freestyle Motocross

Freestyle motocross is one of the five extreme motorsports. It is a dangerous and thrilling sport that combines the elements of BMX, motocross, and gymnastics. Riders perform tricks and stunts while jumping off ramps and flying through the air. The sport is extremely popular with young people and has even been featured in movies and video games.

A motocross rider with his motorcycle

While it may seem reckless and dangerous, freestyle motocross riders are highly skilled athletes who have trained for years to perfect their craft. If you’re looking for an extreme thrill, freestyle motocross is the sport for you. But you should only try the sport if you can handle a motorcycle like a pro.


Drifting is a driving technique where the driver uses steering and throttle input to cause the car to slide sideways. It is often compared to dancing because of how drivers move their vehicles around the track. Drifting requires a high level of car control and can be very dangerous if not done properly.

Although it originated in Japan, drifting has become popular all over the world, with professional competitions being held in many countries. For those who want to try drifting, there are many driving schools that offer lessons. With practice, anyone can learn how to drift like a pro.

Figure 8 Racing

The track is an oval with a crossover in the middle, which creates a figure 8. This means that the cars are constantly crossing paths, and there is a high risk of collision. The drivers have to be incredibly skilled and aggressive in order to be successful.

Figure 8 races are usually held at fairgrounds or racetracks and typically attract large crowds of spectators. The spectacle of the crashes is part of what makes the sport so popular. However, it is also important to note that figure 8 racing is extremely dangerous and has resulted in several fatalities over the years.


Watercross is a relatively new extreme motorsport that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Also known as jet-skiing, watercross involves riding a personal watercraft (PWC) through a challenging obstacle course.

The sport originated in the early 1970s when a group of French motocross riders modified their bikes to ride on the water. Since then, watercress has evolved into a highly competitive and dangerous sport. Riders must have strong racing skills and nerves of steel to navigate the treacherous courses.

So, there you have it, the top six extreme motorsports worldwide. These sports are not for the faint of heart. They require skill, experience, and courage. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can participate in any of these sports. However, it is strongly advised to participate only if you are an excellent driver with great control over your vehicle. Just be sure to stay safe and have fun!

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