Staying fit during the pandemic? That has been such a challenge for everyone. Even with online fitness classes, many people are still challenged by the idea of staying healthy and fit when they can’t even go to the gym. Fortunately, as the vaccination drive continues to improve and cases decrease, people are beginning to look into what the new normal means for fitness and health. Yes, the virus is still very much a reality, but can you already play sports with your friends? Definitely, yes.

Even with social distancing measures in place, you should and can still enjoy doing outdoor activities with your friends. If you are into sports, then lucky you because there are at least five social distancing sports you can play with your friends. Each one of these sports will eliminate the need to spend time indoors and hold long conversations in close proximity.


With such a large expanse of land, golf is the safest way to spend time with your friends outdoors. If you haven’t tried playing golf in the past, then it’s time to start now. It’s great for conversations because you can be meters away from each other. You don’t have enough interaction to spread the virus.

The common misconception is that golf is an expensive sport or hobby. First, don’t buy the clubs. Borrow them instead, as well as the Cricket mini electric golf car you will need if you’re playing more holes. When you fall in love with golf, that’s the best time to buy your own clubs and, if possible, your own cart.

Badminton and Tennis

These two sports are almost the same except they use a different racket and ball. They are great sports for those who want to spend time with friends. You can do it as a solo player or as doubles. The idea is for your friend/s to be on the other side of the net. The only interaction you will have is the one with your teammate. If you are not comfortable in a doubles team, then choose to play solo. There’s plenty of space on the court that social distancing will surely be enforced.


The best thing about cycling is the cardio workout you are going to get from it. Many people love to cycle alone, but it’s actually a great bonding activity with friends, too. You get to go places while shedding off those pounds and toning your muscles. You can do cross-country cycling and see different places. As long as it is reachable by land, you can cycle your way to it.

Pick a destination that you want to see or experience. Set a date with your cycling friends. You don’t even have to talk as you cycle. The fun about cycling is you get to spend time with your friends without necessarily needing to talk to them or be close to them.


What’s a list of outdoor sports without kayaking? If you are craving water adventure and, at the same time, want to practice social distancing, then kayaking is for you. You can have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere of seeing who gets to a particular point of the lake first, or you can go on full competition mode and have an exciting race with your friends. To ensure social distancing, make sure there’s only one person per kayak.

To ensure everyone’s safety (and not only from COVID-19), make sure that you all wear life vests. Try not to invite anyone who doesn’t know how to swim. If anyone in the group doesn’t know how to swim, they’d better stay on the shore.


This sport has more interactions than any other, but it is also spent outdoors. Proper ventilation is the key to stopping the virus from spreading. And with the mountains as your home, you’ll have plenty of space to practice social distancing. You can hike together but you don’t need to be close as you hike a mountain.

Aside from hiking, you can also consider camping overnight. You can marvel at the stunning views below the mountain. As long as the management allows it, you can set up a campfire and roast marshmallows. Make sure not to share a tent with your friends and not to sit too close when you roast those hot dogs and mallows.

Everyone needs to start spending time with friends again. Doing that through sports is one way to bond and reflect on the past year. If everyone follows the social distancing protocols, you shouldn’t have to worry about being with your friends.

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